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New Webmail Look

We have a new look to our webmail and with it comes improved usability and some great new features!

You can now choose to remain logged in to webmail even after you close your browser or shut down your computer, letting you jump right back into browsing your inbox when you turn your computer on, without having to remember your login every time.

To use this handy feature simply tick the box labeled "Keep me logged in" on our webmail login page and you will remain logged in for up to a week.

Be careful not to tick the box when you are on a shared or public computer, such as at an airport or when you share your computer with others, or your inbox will become accessible to anyone who uses that computer!

Last but not least, don't forget our handy shortcut for speedy access to your inbox from anywhere in the world:
Just type in the address bar of any web browser - no need for www or http://
You'll be taken straight to our webmail!

Improved E-mail Security

Our secure e-mail services have just had their key size doubled, resulting in improved security for our SSL IMAP, POP and SMTP services.

Your e-mail program may prompt you to accept this new key. This is normal when a key is updated and you should choose yes when prompted.

Extraction Hosting trusts GeoTrust to secure our web and e-mail transactions with 256-bit encryption and a $100,000 warranty. We highly recommend their service.

If you want your web site protected with a secure certificate so your customers can buy from you with confidence, we can offer lower rates through our reseller program, so contact us if you would like to know more.

PHP Magic Quotes Disabled

We have disabled PHP's magic quotes feature, server-wide.

This feature automatically escaped characters that could cause harm, at the time they were submitted in a PHP form. It is considered a bad thing, since it promotes sloppy web site code and is undesirable to anyone who wants to use the unaltered input.

For more information, see this page on

Please review any web sites you wrote yourself, since after this change they may be vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks (XSS). It is widely accepted that a good way to avoiding exposing your site to XSS vulnerabilities is not to escape the input, but to encode any output that came from user input, using the htmlentities() function.

If you are running PHP software that you didn't write or are unable to change your own code, please contact us and we will enable magic quotes for your site only. Please do be aware that the next major version of PHP does not have support for magic quotes at all, so the sooner magic quotes use is dropped, the better.

Webmail Improvements

We have continued to update our webmail system by popular request from our users.

The latest version brings huge speed increases along with new features:

Multiple Accounts

You can now check all your Extraction Hosting e-mail accounts from one webmail login.

Choose one of your accounts to be the master, log in to webmail with that account then go to "Personal Settings" at the top-right, then "Account Administration" on the left.
Click on the "Remote IMAP Accounts" link to begin adding your other Extraction Hosting e-mail accounts.

Click the "Add" button and enter the details of one of your other e-mail accounts. You may put any memorable name you like in "Account Name", but "Login ID" must be the e-mail login you normally use to access that account. Finally click "Submit" to finish adding the account.

Go back to your inbox by clicking "E-Mail" at the top-right.
You will now see a drop down box at the top of your folder list where you can choose the account to view.

Changing Your Password

You can now change your e-mail password from within webmail.

Log in to webmail then go to "Personal Settings" at the top-right.
Along the top there is a password tab. Click on it to enter your new password.

Changing your password in webmail will not affect the password you use to upload to your web site.