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Getting Started - Web

A web site consists of at least two parts:

  1. A domain name
  2. Web space

If you don't know what a domain name is, go to our Domain Names guide to find out. There is a link back here when you're done.

With your domain name in mind, you need to decide how big your web site needs to be.

Our basic package (personal hosting), provides you with enough web space (storage space on our servers), to store 200 high resolution digital photos, or 7000 average sized e-mails.  If you need more than that but not enough to require one of our business plans, please e-mail us - we are always willing to customise a plan for you.

With our personal hosting package, you get one e-mail box (the place where the e-mails are collected before you read them), and as many addresses for that mailbox as you want.  For more information, see the e-mail getting started guide.

When you're ready, go to our Hosting Plans page, click one of the "Order this hosting" buttons and fill in your details and the domain name you want.  We will get back to you with confirmation before you commit to anything.